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Let the hare raisers, Walk the Skank or Romancing the Bone, know when you'd like to hare.

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Explore Past No Name Start Locations!


Tips and Guidelines for Getting the Best Lay of Your Life.

General No Name Hash Trail Info:

  • A less experienced (or generally shitty) hare should hare with a veteran hare.  If you have trouble finding a mate, the hare raiser can help to recommend a willing half-mind to you.

  • Pack generally meets up at 6:45, and hares are off around 7:00.

  • Trails are usually between 3-5 miles long.

  • There are usually 1 or 2 beer checks, complete with water (especially in the summer) and a gluten free option.

  • In the summerish months, expect 20-30 hounds, you will be reimbursed $100 for your beer checks, On In beer, Down Down beer, and snacks.  In the rainy season, expect 12-20 hounds, and you will be reimbursed $80.

  • Even if you spend more, you will not necessarily be reimbursed more.  Any extra spent over the $100 (summer) or $80 (winter) is on you.

  • The No Name Hash appreciates simple, well thought out trails.  We’re not about dressing up or big events.

  • Trails usually have some level of shiggy.

Wintertime Haring:

  • Numbers can be unpredictable. If your trail is far away, the weather is really bad, or you tend to lay shitty trails, expect a smaller pack.  Reimbursement can be flexiblish, but plan to get 4/5s of the hash cash that’s brought in, i.e. $80 for 20 hounds.

  • Unless the weather is truly intolerable, outdoor On Ins are still preferred.  Cockjaw has a portable propane campfire to keep us warm, and a big shelter tent to keep us dry. Let him know if you’d like to have these things for your On In.

  • Everyone will hate you if you unnecessarily get us wet or make us stand out in the cold, and not a “haha, that was a shitty trail” hate, but a “fuck you, I’m not going to another one of your trails” kind of hate.

Shiggy can be found in the city in these unexpected locations:

  • Parks (duh).

  • Easements between residential tax lots (can be seen in Google Maps).

  • Culverts and drainages.

  • Other public green areas…

Planning a Trail:

  • Tell the hare raiser the general neighborhood you plan to scout when you sign up (this is not set in stone).

  • Go somewhere we haven’t hashed in a while (but know that we’ve hashed nearly everywhere).

  • Set your trail within the confines of HWY 217 and 205, though concessions will be made for great untouched shiggy opportunities.

  • Looking for green areas on Google Maps is a great place to start.

Scouting a Trail:

  • Make sure your shiggy is passable.

  • Avoid busy or dangerous roads.

  • Find interesting easements or trails.

  • Determine the best location for beer check(s) and the On In (outdoor locations are preferred because the beer is cheaper (which means there can be more of it) and better accommodate Religion.)

  • Also, be aware of how crowded it will be, if there are any large events going on in the area, and if crotchety neighbors will be a problem.

  • If you need anything from anyone, a keg for example, ask about it a week prior to your hash.  Otherwise we will assume you have everything taken care of.

  • Please ask the Hare Raiser or any other experienced No Name Hashers any questions you have.

Posting the Detrails:

  • Detrails should be given to the Hare Raiser the Monday prior to the hash.  Don’t post it yourself.

  • Detrails should include:

    • Hares:

    • Where:

    • When:  Meet up at 6:45, and hares are off around 7:00

    • What to Bring: Headlamp, vessel, ID, etc…

    • Hash Cash: Usually $5.

    • About the Trail:

      • Is it A-A (end at the start), A-A’ (end close to the start), or A-B (end not close to the start)?

        • Note: For an A-B Trail the hares are responsible for getting everyone back to the start no later than they would have gotten there if it were a A-A trail.  A-B trails are not recommended.

    • Is it dog friendly?: Do all parks and beer checks allow dogs? Will the dogs be okay at the On In—whether or not it is at a park, bar, or your backyard?

    • Is it stroller or bike friendly? Can they make it through or around your shiggy?

Before and After the Hash:

  • Hares give chalk talk and Hare Lies before they leave.  Let us know if you’ll be using tape/toilet paper/etc., or any other unusual marks on trail.

  • Hare Lies: Let us know how many beer checks there are and anything else we should know before we start.

  • Hares are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  This means tape, beer checks, and the On In.

Setting a Trail:

  • Your Trail can be Live or Dead (Pre-laid), but Live Trails are recommended, as they are more fun to set and run.

  • Every trail is different, and something most definitely will not go the way you planned, but realize this is what makes hashing, and especially haring, fun.

  • Goals of a good hare:

    • Keep the pack together (FRBs and DFLs alike). This can be accomplished by:

      • Checks, False Trails, YBFs, etc.  The FRBs like to run, so make them run the wrong way.

      • Shiggy.  Shiggy slows everyone down.

      • Turkey/Eagle splits. The longer the trail, the harder it is to keep people together, don’t make the DFLs run your ball buster.

      • Make your trail a challenge.  Both to solve (because people will come together as they’re scratching their heads) and to run (because even our most notorious FRBs slow when met with a killer hill or rough terrain).

      • Realize that by doing this, you’re slowing down the entire pack, including the FRBs, and you will be less likely to get caught (bonus!).

      • Show the pack something interesting and different—A creepy back alley, an overgrown easement, a fantastic view, a game trail through a park, or an underused hash mark.  A good trail has diversity.  Roads, gravel, trail, bushwhacking, stream crossings, etc.

      • Have the pack back to the On In at a reasonable time.  Don’t have the pack scale a blackberry laden cliff side for 5 miles, because they’ll be out all night.  I only want to scale that cliff side for 3 miles—tops.

      • Provide beer check(s) that made whatever shit you put the pack through well worth it.

Good Luck!

Know that these are only guidelines, but they try to emphasize what makes the No Name Hash awesome and unique.  Go forth and hare!

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